Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing #22 - downloadable books

This is an easy one. I've been downloading audiobooks for over a year and I really love it! I started a year ago in the springtime when I was working on my flower beds. It is so nice to listen to a story while you are working in the garden. I have played around a little bit with the "Search" feature and I think I've really figured out how to find things easily. I love the Overdrive interface and am excited to try the new program out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thing #21 - Podcasts

Well, hopefully this works! I got onto podcast.com and am making myself a widget for books podcasts. These podcasts are book reviews, etc. It seems like podcasting is pretty cool!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House update

Coming along! Inside is sheetrocked, taped, textured and inside doors are going in. Outside is about the same as it was before, no changes....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thing #20 - YouTube!

Here is my YouTube posting - a cute lil' kitty! I think I should post something on YouTube! I have been videoing my house being built....hmmm...maybe some "time-lapse" video, with music. Lights - Action!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thing #19 2.0 tools

I am going to bookmark this site of awards. The list is from 2008, I wonder when the 2009 awards come out? December, January of 2010? Anyway, it was VERY cool! I LOVE the names of some of these sites:








Who woulda thought it??!!
I will actually be looking at a lot of them, but the first one I decided to look at in depth is "lulu".

This is a self-publishing site. I've been thinking about self-publishing. I wrote a book a few years back - an historical romance set in the delta, but of course, it went nowhere fast. Maybe one of these online self-publishing sites will be the answer....??? hmmmmm......


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update on my house!

Here is the living room with insulation. Very cozy.

My builder now says Oct 1st!

Thing #16 and #17 / Wikis

Wikis were SO interesting. I had a ton of fun "playing" in the sandbox. It seems like they are very easy to use and it's wonderful not having to know HTML code. That was one of the problems I had with MySpace. I can't understand HTML code and when I go into my old MySpace account and want to add or take away from my profile, it's so difficult.

Anyway, this is what I posted on the Sandbox, in case you haven't visited and edited it yourself lately: (interesting, my picture of my house didn't come through...hmmm.....)

FrontPage Learn About Wikis Sandbox Discovery Resources Staff Blogs Page Editing Instructions

This is fun! I like how you can click on the "star" up in the left hand corner and it SAID it would notify you when there are changes, I hope so. I'm glad we're trying all of these new things. And hello to you too lordy! Here is a picture of my house, builder says October 1st for a move-in! Whoo-hoo!
This is posted on June 6th! Natalie

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thing #15 Library 2.0

Library 2.0, or what does the future hold for us?

I read the articles about Library 2.0 and 3.0 and even 4.0 with much interest. I think the library and technology is evolving so fast right now that just as we learn one thing a newer thing comes up to take its place.

I think if we as libraries are going to be viable we HAVE to go with the flow or we will be quickly left in the dust. This isn't just about libraries but any business, has to keep up with technology or other businesses will do it for us. I was just reading the "Costco Connection" magazine I get and there was an article on using technology to help your business. My husband has a land-leveling business (for farmers) and even though most of his customers are not on the internet, we set him up with a webpage anyway. One thing I though sounded really interesting was to do a video (since his business is an "action" type business) post it on YouTube and have a link directly from his website. I think it will be a little difficult, but just as with our libraries (only on a MUCH smaller scale) if we don't keep up with technology, we'll get left in the peat-dust of another more savvy land-leveling business. The other thing I picked up from that Costco article was that, although there are many interactive/2.0/marketing things you can do, you must choose the things that are practical for YOUR business. The other ideas that were in that article were not practical for my husband's business (like setting up a paypal account, or interactive chat rooms).

So, the library has to decide which (of all of the hundreds of new things coming out) are the best ones to pursue.

Here is a GREAT ONE! - My shelver, Lori, (who will probably post the same thing I am) has an iPhone, she got a new free app called "Cardstar" and she put her library card number on it AND IT WORKS!! We scanned her iPhone into millennium and we were able to check out her books with it!

Here is a picture!

I'm so far behind!

I don't know what happened! I guess just "May" happened! My last post was almost two weeks ago! May was one crazy month, the biggies were my husbands grandmother died and my daughter graduated from high school. It just seems like the month was busy, busy, busy. I'm behind on things at home and behinder on things at work - including 27 things.