Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just an updated photo of house

I can't help it! I'm excited to show the next picture (taken this morning) the house has windows!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, it's true

My creation
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No your eyes are not deceiving you....this is a photo of me with my sweetie-pie Clark Gable. He popped into the library to see if I was busy for lunch. As you can see I'm happy to see him.....

(well.....maybe it was done through fd's Flickr Toys!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thing #9

Okay, I found a few "library" related blogs, as well as a few others that I am now subscribing to through my RSS reader "Bloglines". What i ended up doing is : after logging in to bloglines, on the left handside was a link called "Top 1000 Feeds" or something like that. I scanned through those and found about 20 that sounded good - like "Library Garden" and "Library Journal News" etc. I also found some cute ones like "LOL cute cats" which has some really cute pictures of cats.
Anyway, maybe it will be okay and I'll be excited about checking for updates!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thing 8

Well, I signed up for Bloglines (RSS Feeds). I'm not sure it's something I'll use much and I have to wonder how popular it really is.
After signing up I started doing some searching for a feed that I would actually like to read once in a while.... so after thinkin' and thinkin' I decided I would like to read more home decorating/home building/gardening articles. So what better place than Home And Garden TV or DIY network? Both of these offered feeds, which I subscribed to, but both of them show the latest article is from 2007!!
Then I tried another home decorating website (something I'd never heard of before) and it too dated to 2007 as the newest feed. there a conspiracy here?

It's only been 35 days!

It's only been 35 days from the first day that they dug the footings for our house. I can't believe it's coming along so fast, although that 's what everybody says, that it goes up really fast. Then when they get to the inside stuff it takes FOR-E-VER......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

#7 - Blog about Technology

Wow, I'm on Thing 7!

I've decided to blog about Google Chrome. I just downloaded it on my computer at home because it "sounds" like the next big thing. The reason I say "sounds" is because I think that new technology is coming at us so fast - and just as quickly gets pushed aside for something else - that you never know if the thing that you think is the next best thing, really is!

Anyway, here is a link to a Google website that is a comic strip explaining what Google Chrome is all about. The comic strip is 38 panels long so it's not just some short little snippet.

I will admit that I haven't read every single panel in the comic strip, but what I have read seems to make sense. This is a new way of searching that is faster and more comprehensive. When I was getting some help on an Intuit website for my husband's business I happened to tell the techie guy from Intuit (based out of Menlo Park) that I was using Google Chrome and he said he LOVES Google Chrome. Hey, there's a good endorsement, right?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my house april 2009

my house april 2009
Originally uploaded by NatalieBeaver
Well here is another picture (is anyone sick of looking at my house yet?) I have to admit, when other people have gone on ad nauseum about a project/trip/kids/grandkids I got sick of it!

So, forgive me and switch the page if your feeling queasy.....


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New house, coming along!

Here is an updated photo - taken on my lunchbreak today.  My readers will be happy to know that my stress level has been greatly reduced.  

Things are moving along smoothly and my framer said that the trusses will arrive tomorrow!  That should be a big day.  I'll try to take another picture tomorrow (gotta document!) and we'll see the difference! 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confused about "following"

Can someone help me figure out this "following" thing? I am following a few other bloggers, and other bloggers are "following" me....but where do I click to find their page? I have clicked on their little tiny square picture, but that doesn't take me to their page/blog, it just gives me a little snippet of info about them (like who THEY'RE following).

The only way to read someone's blog seems to be from the 27 things blog, on the right hand side, there is a list of recent blogs and if you click on one it takes you to that blog; or to know the exact URL address and type it into the address bar.

HELP! There must be another way!

Your friend in blogness - Natalie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 1/2 Habits

Okay, I'm doing things out of order - as usual:
The 7 1/2 habits....hmmm..... which habit is the easiest?
probably #1 ) Begin with the End in Mind! I like to think about what I'm going to get out of learning something. Like the 27 things - I can already think about the end - that I'll be more comfortable using 2.0 technology. I want to learn it, I want to understand what it is and not get frustrated by it, and I want to sound fairly intelligent when I talk about it!

Which habit will be the hardest? #3) View problems as challenges. Sometimes it's very difficult to take a step back from a "problem" and just realize that it really is a challenge, I'll learn something new and learn to react a certain way once a problem/challenge pops up. Realizing that every problem is not the end of the world is a difficult lesson, but one that can be learned.

Stressed about my house....

Okay, I should be excited about building my house, but i'm not. I'm stressed out because my husband is not happy with the builder. I AM happy with the builder, I think he's doing a fine job. I've heard that marriages endure a ton of stress during the building of a house and I really don't want to be stressed...but.... I used to think it was because one spouse wanted stainless appliances and one wanted white (or whatever) and my problems are SO MUCH MORE STRESSFUL THAN THAT! Oh well, I guess I'll get through it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to say, what to write......

Hmmmmm-----my first "blog" - to blog or not to blog - hmmmmm.....
Well, should I keep this professional, or get personal? Probably not TOO personal....
Does anyone really care what I have to say? What I think about?
This is hard - - you know when I was a teenager, I kept a diary, maybe I'll think about it like that (although, as I said before, not TOO personal)
Work is good, life at home right now, not so good. Building a house....nuf said...stress level through the roof.
Easter is coming, that should be nice, weather should be nice.
Well, okay, enough about me....I'll sign off now

What a RANDOM blog!