Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's only been 35 days!

It's only been 35 days from the first day that they dug the footings for our house. I can't believe it's coming along so fast, although that 's what everybody says, that it goes up really fast. Then when they get to the inside stuff it takes FOR-E-VER......


  1. Great to see it taking shape! I walk by some sad little townhomes that stalled a couple of years ago - they are still in the plyboard stage - and wonder what will become of them...

  2. This *is* fast! Very exciting! I remember when we were building our new house (not new anymore) up the hill from the old ranch house we'd been living in - We'd go up everyday to check out the new changes - and then the rains started, and everything slowed down to an interminable wait.

    That will NOT happen to you, however, as you have the good sense to be building in the Spring!

  3. Wow! It actually looks like a house!