Thursday, April 23, 2009

#7 - Blog about Technology

Wow, I'm on Thing 7!

I've decided to blog about Google Chrome. I just downloaded it on my computer at home because it "sounds" like the next big thing. The reason I say "sounds" is because I think that new technology is coming at us so fast - and just as quickly gets pushed aside for something else - that you never know if the thing that you think is the next best thing, really is!

Anyway, here is a link to a Google website that is a comic strip explaining what Google Chrome is all about. The comic strip is 38 panels long so it's not just some short little snippet.

I will admit that I haven't read every single panel in the comic strip, but what I have read seems to make sense. This is a new way of searching that is faster and more comprehensive. When I was getting some help on an Intuit website for my husband's business I happened to tell the techie guy from Intuit (based out of Menlo Park) that I was using Google Chrome and he said he LOVES Google Chrome. Hey, there's a good endorsement, right?


  1. This very interesting but I am still running Windows ME on my computer at home and it is unable to load it because I can't upgrade my internet explorer. :( "Too bad, too sad" when I get my new computer I will have the knowledge of what the google chrome is all about.

  2. Great link to the comic! I downloaded Chrome at home on the day it was released and feel OK about it but I'm still "married" to Firefox. After reading this (even though it IS essentially a commercial), it makes me want to spend a little more time playing around with Chrome to see if it lives up to their hype.