Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stressed about my house....

Okay, I should be excited about building my house, but i'm not. I'm stressed out because my husband is not happy with the builder. I AM happy with the builder, I think he's doing a fine job. I've heard that marriages endure a ton of stress during the building of a house and I really don't want to be stressed...but.... I used to think it was because one spouse wanted stainless appliances and one wanted white (or whatever) and my problems are SO MUCH MORE STRESSFUL THAN THAT! Oh well, I guess I'll get through it.


  1. But it's going to be so great when it's done!

  2. Can you hook me up with some advice? I plan to build my house sometime soon.

  3. Natalie---

    Everyone says this IS the marriage maker or breaker. I pray it evens out for you. Also, you need a new picture on your blog---you are 10 times prettier than that.