Saturday, July 18, 2009

House update July 2009

Here is my living room, built in bookcase.
White ceilings and trim and cabinetry...
"wise owl" for the walls.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thing #27!!! 27 things is DONE - or is it???

Well, here i find myself - the 27th thing in a voyage of I.T. discovery! This trip has been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed learning SO MUCH! Here is a recap - by thingy:
1) Read this blog - this was my first time reading a "blog" very cool
2) Lifelong learners - might have learned a little something here, kinda forgot already - "Play" wasn't that in there somewhere?
3) Set up my own blog - this was very cool, and I think I'll keep it going, I enjoy it. One thing I didn't like very much about the blogging is that most people don't use their "real" name so I don't know who I'm following, or who's following me. I wish people would just use their real name.
4) Publicized my blog with the 27 things so people could read and follow if they wanted to.
5) Flickr - I think I'd use this one again
6) Flickr Mashups - didn't quite get this one.
7) Blog post about anything techno - I think I talked about Google Chrome
8) RSS Feeds - setup Bloglines and now I'm addicted to LOLcats - thank you very much!
9) Read some library blogs and RSS feeds, but they're not as addicting as LOLcats!
10) Online Image Generator - This was okay, don't know if I'll use it again
11) Library Thing - definitely liked it but I need to play with it more to see if I want to maintain it or just add my books to my virtual facebook bookshelf....hmmm...decisions
12) Rollyo - eh...didn't really like this
13) Tagging and - still learning, I've imported all of my bookmarks, now I have to organize them.
14) Technorati - I didn't get this one - don't think i'll use it much
15) Library 2.0 - I came to the conclusion that the library and any viable business has to learn to move forward with technology or they will be left in the dust.
16) Wikis - Wikis are cool, it's neat to work on a webpage along with other people.
17) Add an entry to the library wiki - I did
18) Online docs - LOVED this one, and I recently heard that Microsoft is going to have a free online docs, like their "Word" only a little more scaled down. Maybe they realize the free stuff is out there and they better get on the bandwagon or lose business.
19) Web 2.0 awards - I loved this site, I even bookmarked it! I can't wait to see the new awards - I think this is a cool way to see what products are out there and popular with the people.
20)You Tube - this site is fun and interesting. It is easy to see how this can be used in just about every setting - teaching and learning and just plain fun.
21) Podcasts - I don't think I'd listen to podcasts on a regular basis, but would be willing to listen to one if it had info I needed.
22) Downloadable audios - this one was easy - I've been downloading for a while. I love it! I download the audio book, put it on my mp3 player, and listen while I garden. Right now I'm listening to "Agnes and the Hitman" FABULOUS
23) SPL Website - Nice changes
24) Mango - need to use it more - want to learn Spanish!
25) Twitter - not sure, is this better than Facebook? I don't tweet from my cell phone so I don't know if I'll use it much.
26) Thingfo - don't really know what it is as I could not sign up - by "invite" only, but how do you get invited?
27) wrap up ! This was a great learning experience. And I know it doesn't end here....every day there are new products out there. I don't want to be all 20 minutes ago....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #26 - Thingfo! ALMOST DONE!!

Well - I went to the link and this is what it said:

Thingfo is currently invite-only while we focus on the next version. Existing users, sign in.
We're cooking up some new and exciting things for release later this summer.
Feel free to contact us on our
blog, or on Twitter, or info @ thingfo dot com.

Did you read that? INVITE ONLY

Sooooooo,..... hmmmm.......not sure what to do but I can't sign up.......

I shall read some other blogging posts to see if I'm the only one......

There was no "Sign UP" page just a "Sign IN" page........

I'm interested but stymied....

Ta for now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #25

Twitter - confusing - but I was confused about Blogging too (and honestly I still am a little) - I'm confused about the following thing.....I thought i signed up for about 10 different people, but only 6 showed up on my following. And then I thought their "tweets" would just pop up on my page, but they don't look like they do, I have to click on their faces to go to them?

(sidebar - oh wait, I just looked at my twitter page and there is a lot of different tweets now...)

And, I wonder if this is any different/better than facebook? On facebook it looks like people "tweet"; they are short little snippets of messages that people write.

So that's a good question, what is the advantage to me to use Twitter over Facebook? Because I don't think I can maintain too many different social sites. I am really enjoying the facebook and I'm enjoying this blog....

Tell me, anyone, why should I maintain a twitter account????

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thing #24 - Mango languages

Well, of course I went for the Spanish, it seems like a good language to learn in our area. I took Spanish for two years in high school and later had an Hispanic friend that talked to me quite a bit in Spanish. I remember thinking one day, after we had had a slow conversation together, that I was really learning the language because I did NOT have to translate each word in my mind to have it make sense to me.

Then alas, that friend moved away and now my Spanish skills are beyong rusty.

Enter Mango Language Learning!! I did the first couple of lessons and it was a LOT of fun, very repetitive, which I liked. I did go through the lessons quickly but realized I can go back and take my time and probably really learn something.

I definitely like it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thing #23 - SPL Website

I like the new website's graphics, I think it definitely has a "cooler" look to it than it used to.
However, it still seems difficult to find things. If you know that you've seen a database in the past...say Mitchell's on Demand...what do you click on to get to that database? And the click for "D0, make, be for teens" is different than the "teens" link at the top...

And if you type something into the search screen, "Find in the Catalog" - you get Encore, which I think is confusing to a patron that just wants the regular "I'm used to it" library catalog, and how do you get to the regular catalog if you're in Encore? But if you click on the word "catalog" on the Home Page you WILL go directly to the regular catalog....

Maybe we need a search screen that searches SPL's website. Like a "site map", I've used that on other businesses websites - like Universities.

I guess I'd have to do research on other library websites to see how it could be more user friendly. But again, the GRAPHICS are great, I love them, it just seems like finding actual information is difficult and frustrating and might make people still flock to Google or