Friday, July 17, 2009

Thing #27!!! 27 things is DONE - or is it???

Well, here i find myself - the 27th thing in a voyage of I.T. discovery! This trip has been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed learning SO MUCH! Here is a recap - by thingy:
1) Read this blog - this was my first time reading a "blog" very cool
2) Lifelong learners - might have learned a little something here, kinda forgot already - "Play" wasn't that in there somewhere?
3) Set up my own blog - this was very cool, and I think I'll keep it going, I enjoy it. One thing I didn't like very much about the blogging is that most people don't use their "real" name so I don't know who I'm following, or who's following me. I wish people would just use their real name.
4) Publicized my blog with the 27 things so people could read and follow if they wanted to.
5) Flickr - I think I'd use this one again
6) Flickr Mashups - didn't quite get this one.
7) Blog post about anything techno - I think I talked about Google Chrome
8) RSS Feeds - setup Bloglines and now I'm addicted to LOLcats - thank you very much!
9) Read some library blogs and RSS feeds, but they're not as addicting as LOLcats!
10) Online Image Generator - This was okay, don't know if I'll use it again
11) Library Thing - definitely liked it but I need to play with it more to see if I want to maintain it or just add my books to my virtual facebook bookshelf....hmmm...decisions
12) Rollyo - eh...didn't really like this
13) Tagging and - still learning, I've imported all of my bookmarks, now I have to organize them.
14) Technorati - I didn't get this one - don't think i'll use it much
15) Library 2.0 - I came to the conclusion that the library and any viable business has to learn to move forward with technology or they will be left in the dust.
16) Wikis - Wikis are cool, it's neat to work on a webpage along with other people.
17) Add an entry to the library wiki - I did
18) Online docs - LOVED this one, and I recently heard that Microsoft is going to have a free online docs, like their "Word" only a little more scaled down. Maybe they realize the free stuff is out there and they better get on the bandwagon or lose business.
19) Web 2.0 awards - I loved this site, I even bookmarked it! I can't wait to see the new awards - I think this is a cool way to see what products are out there and popular with the people.
20)You Tube - this site is fun and interesting. It is easy to see how this can be used in just about every setting - teaching and learning and just plain fun.
21) Podcasts - I don't think I'd listen to podcasts on a regular basis, but would be willing to listen to one if it had info I needed.
22) Downloadable audios - this one was easy - I've been downloading for a while. I love it! I download the audio book, put it on my mp3 player, and listen while I garden. Right now I'm listening to "Agnes and the Hitman" FABULOUS
23) SPL Website - Nice changes
24) Mango - need to use it more - want to learn Spanish!
25) Twitter - not sure, is this better than Facebook? I don't tweet from my cell phone so I don't know if I'll use it much.
26) Thingfo - don't really know what it is as I could not sign up - by "invite" only, but how do you get invited?
27) wrap up ! This was a great learning experience. And I know it doesn't end here....every day there are new products out there. I don't want to be all 20 minutes ago....

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  1. Wow that is 27 things all wrapped up in one blogg. Good times, good times... LOl