Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thing #23 - SPL Website

I like the new website's graphics, I think it definitely has a "cooler" look to it than it used to.
However, it still seems difficult to find things. If you know that you've seen a database in the past...say Mitchell's on Demand...what do you click on to get to that database? And the click for "D0, make, be for teens" is different than the "teens" link at the top...

And if you type something into the search screen, "Find in the Catalog" - you get Encore, which I think is confusing to a patron that just wants the regular "I'm used to it" library catalog, and how do you get to the regular catalog if you're in Encore? But if you click on the word "catalog" on the Home Page you WILL go directly to the regular catalog....

Maybe we need a search screen that searches SPL's website. Like a "site map", I've used that on other businesses websites - like Universities.

I guess I'd have to do research on other library websites to see how it could be more user friendly. But again, the GRAPHICS are great, I love them, it just seems like finding actual information is difficult and frustrating and might make people still flock to Google or


  1. We actually do have a site search now... clicking on "Site Search" in the footer of every page opens a text box that does a Google search of the pages on the website.

  2. Also, there's a "legacy web site" link at the bottom of the pages that may help locate something you used to be able to find.