Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #25

Twitter - confusing - but I was confused about Blogging too (and honestly I still am a little) - I'm confused about the following thing.....I thought i signed up for about 10 different people, but only 6 showed up on my following. And then I thought their "tweets" would just pop up on my page, but they don't look like they do, I have to click on their faces to go to them?

(sidebar - oh wait, I just looked at my twitter page and there is a lot of different tweets now...)

And, I wonder if this is any different/better than facebook? On facebook it looks like people "tweet"; they are short little snippets of messages that people write.

So that's a good question, what is the advantage to me to use Twitter over Facebook? Because I don't think I can maintain too many different social sites. I am really enjoying the facebook and I'm enjoying this blog....

Tell me, anyone, why should I maintain a twitter account????


  1. Twitter is good for on the go updates (but you can do that on Facebook too, I believe). Honestly, I've never been able to maintain my Twitter account, either!

  2. On twitter you tend to get random people following you or wanting to follow you. With facebook you have to make them your friend before you get the message. With twitter I see a lot of the bigger companies like news 10 and good day sacramento twittering and I haven't checked to see if they have a facebook. I like facebook it not as intense...

  3. I use Twitter more as a business tool, and Facebook more as a personal site. I've also been able to follow conferences I haven't physically been able to attend on Twitter -- people "Tweet" throughout the conference on key topics, speakers, etc. and you almost get the sense that you were there.