Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New house, coming along!

Here is an updated photo - taken on my lunchbreak today.  My readers will be happy to know that my stress level has been greatly reduced.  

Things are moving along smoothly and my framer said that the trusses will arrive tomorrow!  That should be a big day.  I'll try to take another picture tomorrow (gotta document!) and we'll see the difference! 


  1. Are you going to install any self-checks?

  2. This looks like a wonderful adventure! We took pictures every week as our house was being built (6 years ago); it's fun to look back on the process later. By the way, my husband and I rarely agree on anything house-related and our marriage survived 'the building of the house'. You will soooo enjoy moving into the new house and making it a home! Vicki

  3. Just make sure you completely finish your punch list before you move in. I've read of people having things left to do decades after they've moved in because they figured they'd get around to it one day.