Saturday, September 5, 2009

House update Sept 4, 2009

Well, I haven't updated in about 2 weeks. Over the last two weeks a lot has happened. We now have steps in the front and back, concrete was poured in the carport. We have all of our light fixtures and ceiling fans. A/C was installed. This weeks, Braid's (Rio Vista) started working on the flooring. There will be tile in the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms - hardwood in the living room, dining room, down the hall and office - and carpet in the two bedrooms.

Here are two pictures, one is the exterior - looks a lot like the last picture I posted. And one of the kitchen with the tile sans grout. Grout gets smushed into the spaces on Tuesday!

The tile is a black/grey porcelein Dal tile that is supposed to look like slate. I wanted slate but after seeing how "slate-y" it can be (i.e. slice your bare foot in the middle of the night when you're going to the kitchen for a glass of water) and the care it needs (every four years strip and re-seal it) I decided on a no-care porcelein tile instead!

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  1. My husband would love your kitchen - he always wanted something he could just hose down (and when he's done making dinner, it could use a good hosing!) When we're lucky enough to have a house, we'll probably want something like that.