Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Okay, back to my house....

Okay, now that I dutifully talked about Thing #11 (Library Thing - which I love) I can talk about my house guilt free.

Here is a new picture, taken yesterday evening. The roofing is done, the doors are going in, the siding is going on. Not that anyone cares but all of the venting in the roofing is coming out on the backyard side of the house, that way when you drive up you'll only see a very clean-line roof. We had decided against anything "fancy" on the roof - no gables or dormers or anything like that. We do have the 9' high ceilings inside, though, so that's cool.
I've been taking all of my pictures from the same angle. Maybe next time I'll get a shot from the back, or up on the levee. We'll see.....


  1. Your so good at keeping a photo diary of things happen on your house. One day when the great-great grandkids ask about the house they will see each step taken to create it... :-)

  2. And when your grandkids do ask about the house, you can just tell 'em, "go read my blog!".