Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update on my house!

Here is an "inside" picture, the outside isn't changing much anymore. On the outside they still have to paint and put in the porch (trex-deck), and of course steps and then we landscape; but all of that is a little further down the road.

So now I think I better start showing the inside. I took this picture standing in the doorway of my front door and I'm looking towards the living room. The area I'm focused on will be a floor to ceiling bookcase that spans the whole wall and my TV will be in the middle. I'm hoping to buy a library ladder but boy are they pricey! If anyone has a good tip on getting one for less, let me know! I check ebay every so often but haven't found any that fit right. I have an antique ladder that can be used but even the "hardware" for a library ladder is expensive.


  1. I have loved seeing the updates on your house! I've always wanted floor to ceiling bookshelves--lucky you.

  2. Who could watch TV surrounded by all those books?