Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thing #15 Library 2.0

Library 2.0, or what does the future hold for us?

I read the articles about Library 2.0 and 3.0 and even 4.0 with much interest. I think the library and technology is evolving so fast right now that just as we learn one thing a newer thing comes up to take its place.

I think if we as libraries are going to be viable we HAVE to go with the flow or we will be quickly left in the dust. This isn't just about libraries but any business, has to keep up with technology or other businesses will do it for us. I was just reading the "Costco Connection" magazine I get and there was an article on using technology to help your business. My husband has a land-leveling business (for farmers) and even though most of his customers are not on the internet, we set him up with a webpage anyway. One thing I though sounded really interesting was to do a video (since his business is an "action" type business) post it on YouTube and have a link directly from his website. I think it will be a little difficult, but just as with our libraries (only on a MUCH smaller scale) if we don't keep up with technology, we'll get left in the peat-dust of another more savvy land-leveling business. The other thing I picked up from that Costco article was that, although there are many interactive/2.0/marketing things you can do, you must choose the things that are practical for YOUR business. The other ideas that were in that article were not practical for my husband's business (like setting up a paypal account, or interactive chat rooms).

So, the library has to decide which (of all of the hundreds of new things coming out) are the best ones to pursue.

Here is a GREAT ONE! - My shelver, Lori, (who will probably post the same thing I am) has an iPhone, she got a new free app called "Cardstar" and she put her library card number on it AND IT WORKS!! We scanned her iPhone into millennium and we were able to check out her books with it!

Here is a picture!


  1. Can anyone enter any number into Cardstar to create a barcode? How will this affect circ policies?

  2. Very cool (Cardstar) - now if only the Internet computers had scanners ...

  3. I am able to add all of my discount membership cards into the phone but I'm not sure if they are the right bar codes. When I added in my library card I had to change the bar code to make it work. There are a few bar code choices. Good luck